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With NetBranch, you get to your nearest branch via your keyboard and mouse, not your car. It’s our Internet-accessed total online banking system that puts you in command of your money like never before. If you haven’t tried online banking, you’re in for a shock: the convenience and control is absolutely astounding. And with our Multi Factor Authentication security measures, your account is hackproof.

Take your online banking
to the next level!

On October 12, our credit union will be improving your online banking site to give you more choice, freedom and convenience than ever.  With one-click access to the activities that matter most to you, you can customize your home banking experience to fit your needs. Click the link at right for a complete demonstration.


Just enroll online…see for yourself.

Here are a few of the things you can do with NetBranch:

  • With MCU's RealMoney Transfer service, transfer funds to or from other financial institutions through the ACH network which takes no more than two days.
  • Perform account inquiries
  • Share accounts (allows you to view all accounts you are joint on with one log on)
  • Transfer funds in realtime to accounts that are shared with your account
  • Apply for a loan 24/7 and get an answer within minutes
  • View and Download account statements
  • View checks that have cleared (front and back of check)
  • Set up automatic transfers
  • Name your own accounts
  • Use E-Alerts to be notified of specific account activity
  • View authorization holds from debit card purchases
  • Take line-of-credit advances
  • Obtain info on dividends and interest
  • Order checks
  • Stop payment on a check(s)
  • Make account transfers and loan payments.
  • Open additional accounts
  • Sign up/Log On to Bill Pay - Bill pay service is free and it's a "no brainer"
  • Mobile Banking - click here to access

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